Trevor Jex

I am a software engineer, specializing in web development.

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Software Engineer

My name is Trevor Jex and I am a software engineer. I got my Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at Utah State University, with a minor in entrepreneurship. I have a passion for learning, creating and designing.

My favorite languages are Golang and Typescript. I love web design for its rapid development and the ability to create smooth, cross-platform experiences, but most of all I enjoy building products that help people.

My hobbies include running and hiking, shooting photos on my Canon AE-1, listening to and collecting digital music, records, and casette tapes, and designing innovative apps and programs.

I currently work for Pluralsight as part of their Cloud Skills team. I work with a team of engineers to manage and develop the backend services that enable the ACloudGuru hands-on-labs platform to function, as well as tracking cost and usage, preventing abuse and malicious activity, and responding to and mitigating AWS/Azure/GCP outages.

I worked for Traxero/Omadi, developing and designing applications and services to enable efficient towing management. My primary focus was in moving Omadi's Towing Management System off of an outdated PHP/Drupal platform and onto more modern and maintainable technologies such as Golang and React. I owned many projects at Traxero, including a make/model autocomplete system that updates based on data from NHTSA, multiple integrations connecting our towing platforms to payment solutions such as CardConnect and Routable, and a customizable guest permit dashboard.

I worked as part of an agile development team for Brigham Young University Broadcasting. Our work included the apps, websites, and backend services for BYUtv and BYU Radio. I played a major part in creating an improved video encoding platform and creating the tools to transition BYUtv's content.

My Projects


Solution to provide music artists and aficionados with customized NFC cards to share their music albums or playlists, whether through streaming services such as Spotify or through direct digital downloads.

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Camera-Based Motion Detection


Human presence detection based on the Raspberry Pi camera. Winner of 1st Place Computer Science award at 2016 CUSF.

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The 23rd Log


Video game entry for the Technology Student Association (TSA) competition, created with 3 fellow students.

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Space Server

Javascript Python

Backbone of Star Trek-like space simulations. Uses SocketIO and a custom state-syncing backend.

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Javascript React Redis

Open-ended card game simulator. Uses React, SocketIO, Redis and Google SSO. Currently only supports 52-card decks and a limited set of actions. Hosted using Netlify and Docker. Feel free to contact me for access to the code.

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MPG Tracker

Java Android

Simple Android app to keep track of fuel economy over time. Built in Java using the MVVM pattern. Built for CS 2410.

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Automatic music player and alarm clock for the Raspberry Pi, complete with weather and email checking capabilities.

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Automation 2


Automatic Wake-On-Lan functionality controlled by the presence of a Bluetooth device. Made for the Raspberry Pi.

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Javascript Python

Interactive crowd quiz that displays quiz results as they are submitted. Created for an English 11 Honors project.

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React Javascript Unfinished

Abandoned project to rebuild the Space Server with two fellow students. Created with Node.JS, SocketIO and React.

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Javascript Python

Bookmarklet/Python script that encodes messages into invisible characters and back.

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React Native Javascript Unfinished

Abandoned project to build an app for tracking scripture reading. Created with Expo, JavaScript, React Native and Google Firebase. Feel free to contact me for access to the code.

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Really Awesome Space Missions

Python Unfinished

Current project (on hold) to rebuild the Space Server for commercial use.

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Python Javascript

Simple program to allow real-time play of card game Scum over the web.

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A web app that displays random compliments. Created with 2 fellow students for English 11 Honors.

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Trevor Jex Communications


PHP website to read and send basic messages to other users of the site.

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